The Deer Specialist Group shall to contribute to the biodiversity conservation through the improvement of the welfare of viable deer populations in the world. The DSG will also conduct and participate in scientifically based conservation programs that benefit deer species at in situ and ex situ levels


  •  Facilitate and reinforce international teamwork to conserve threatened deer.

  • To understand the relation of deer in the biological communities and to propose adequate conservation measures for the threatened deer species.

  • Focus special attention to obtain knowledge to the South American species.

  • Assess all deer taxa with the IUCN Red list categories, for identify and understand the real threats and human impacts on local populations of deer and their habitats.

  • Integrate in situ and ex situ approaches. Promoting to obtain scientific knowledge about the husbandry and welfare of the threatened captive deer population. Encourage the international studbook of the threatened deer.

  • To pursue collaboration work and planning with other Specialist Group of the Species Survival Commission.

  • Publication and dissemination of the resulting information to government agencies and non-government conservation organizations for decision making.


  • Implement a network of the in situ  deer project that are carrying on in the different biogeography regions with the aim to establish a fluid research collaboration.

  • Use training workshops to foster technical field skills in population estimation needed to assess the conservation status of ungulate populations; focus on young nationals from the range countries.

  • Perform workshops for the Deer Specialist members to train about the IUCN Red list categories and link conservation policies for in situ and ex situ conservation programs.

  • Work in collaboration with other Specialist Group of the Species Survival Commission like Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG).

  • Identify potential donors to fund the diverse activities group activities.


Design by Marcelo Giloca
Mayo 2012